Get everything you need to manage and grow your restaurant

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Get everything you need to manage and grow your

Spending too much time IN your business and not ON it?

Do you sense that there has to be an easier way?

You're not alone.

If you aren't building your business by design....

You are building it by default.

Most local businesses are struggling to keep up with the latest digital business operations trends.

That's where Digital Dialogs comes in.

Our expertise is in making small business operate and flow smoothly.

Get a handle on your business using systems methodology and user-friendly software tools.

Finally start seeing some progress in growing your business.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Finally have control over your business.
  • Know that you can make decisions and see them through
  • Not constantly being bogged down by interruptions, paperwork and red tape.
  • Make informed decisions based on up-to-date data.

It's time to take back your business – and enjoy your life!


Strengthen your Marketing

You want to focus on growing your business but not be involved with the day-to-day outreach.

Set up your marketing to target your perfect customer ...

and then let it run automatically.

Digital marketing and social media allows you to plan your messages to be triggered on YOUR schedule.

Now you have the option to engage your audience when they are available, even while you sleep.


Accept, Manage and Process payments

Get paid faster with instant access to your bank account. Manage subscriptions, send invoices, accept payments online or in-person and more


Stay organized

In the world of customer service, it's all about being organized and having a system for your contacts. With a customer management system (CRM), you can keep track of everything from customer and client information to reports on what they need.

Keeping your contacts individualized, customer, and supplier will keep them engaged and


Stop reinventing the wheel and answering repetitive questions...

Setting up a system with customized forms allows you to create specific answers for your customers' usual questions. You can ask about their backgrounds, interests or any other detail that might be relevant in order to help your customers get the most out of their experience.


Schedule Appointments

You can have customers book their next appointment through their phone or computer. You can schedule an upcoming event and even accept payments all at once.

Get detailed reports about how many people attended each type of service or bought a product with a simple click!


Communicate with customers the way they like.

Your customers are constantly online. Answer them - and reach out to them where they are.

You can stay top of their mind with automated text messages reminding them of appointments and seasonal issues. You can even send automatic birthday wishes.

Keep in touch like never before!


Control your business listings

Digital Dialogs has a network of over 300 third-party publishers that are relevant to you your business. We will push your brand’s data to these sources for you automatically.

Your company name/address/phone number, as well as images, publisher-specific fields, will be seen in all the relevant relevant catalogues and databases.


Stellar Customer Reviews

The easiest way to boost your company's reputation is by getting top-notch reviews from your customers. With our automated email and text templates, you can quickly respond to any customer complaints before they go online. Then get that great customer feedback automatically!


Stay in touch with potential customers

The more you connect with people on social media, the better. It's not just about likes and shares anymore - it actually helps build real connections that lead to sales! And to return business.


Top the Google search list

Using our marketing specialists, you can improve your SEO and also grow customer traffic without paying for ads.

Grow your lead numbers and quality grow tracking performance on popular search engines like Google.


Business Analytics

The performance dashboard gives you access to all aspects of running your business so that it can be run more efficiently. Gain insight from reports and make better decisions about where next investments should go, what products need improvement or replacement etc., quickly view-able on one page.


Your business’s image

Integrating powerful design and video elements is now easier than ever. The new banner builder allows you to create your own graphics or get access to the team of professional designers and videographers who’ll stand out for any project!

Cross the Digital Divide:

Let Digital Dialogs work for your business.

Don't waste any more time, energy and profits.

Put you business systems on automatic